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Thursday, November 12, 1998

First, the New Stuff:

I must say I'm very disappointed in GAMES magazine. I consider Tomb Raider 2 to be the greatest cultural achievement of the decade, and had it been up to me, it would have been the Electronic Game of the Year. But GAMES magazine didn't even put it on the list!

Sabbatical report: This week was crunch week on the calendar shirt project. At the beginning of the week, when I started drawing the final artwork, I set myself an ambitious schedule: get the job all done by this week's update. The first night went well - I got the first 3 months fully drawn and inked. But by the end of the second night, it was clear my fingers couldn't take that kind of pressure, and I've had to slow down. Currently, I'm up to July, which is penciled; I expect to have the artwork ready to drop off at the printers this Monday.

As for how it's looking, it's looking great. As a sneak preview, I'm putting a little chunk of the finished art on this page - 6 days from the middle of April.

Birthday report: Last week was my birthday and Kristin and Robin threw me a party! Robin had this incredible cake made, a recreation of the Aquarius postcard artwork, and it was so cool everyone said I had to put a picture of it up on the web. And it was good cake, too.

I got a variety of cool gifts (thanks everyone!) 2 of which I will recommend here: A playstation game called Devil Dice and a little square graphic novel comic book sort of thing called Quit Your Job, by James Kochalka. If you've got a PSX or you shop in comic book stores, pick these up, they're winners.

New term I just heard: E-tailers. Hey, that's us!


I hate phone rate adverts even more than I hate the phone itself. I'm disgusted by the amount of money being spent on this irritating, ubiquitous squabbling. I wonder, for example: how much did it take to make George Carlin sell out?
"I can stay till it's time to go" - The Beatles, (Hello, Goodbye)

This week's film: none

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Daddy-O has been chained to his desk all week, and didn't get to see a movie.

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