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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

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"A friend introduced me to Fluxx, it was loads of fun, so I ran out to another friend's comic book shop and purchased the main deck with a Jewish expansion pack for good measure. Fast forward a year or so, now with the friend that introduced me to the game, we now have what we dubbed 'Taco Friday's' This is every Friday night where a bunch of people get together and each bring one ingredient for tacos! Then we all eat tacos and play games (including Fluxx, and soon Treehouse when I get my shipment) So I was going to pass out the anniversary promo packs to people at Taco Night! Everyone at Taco Night who has Fluxx will love it, and hopefully those that have not purchased the game will go out and support our local stores and buy it! P.S. A lot of us are really excited about Zombie Fluxx, nothing makes something that is great even greater, like zombies!" --Jarrod W of Tallahassee, FL, comments accompanying an order for a bunch of our 10th Anniversary Promo Card Packets

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  • Sorry, no new video... too busy going to (and recovering from) Gen-Con

Back from Gen-Con

Last week we drove out to Indianapolis for GenCon, a huge gaming convention where Looney Labs was exhibiting. Myself and Kristin were joined by our other two full-time employees, seen here: Alison and Robin. Since we were working again with our Trade Show Partner company, Paizo Publishing, and they were handling all the cashier work, we basically just spent those four days teaching and playing demo games with lots and lots people. We were at our booth in the Exhibit Hall all day, then we'd grab some dinner before settling in for the evening's games, which would start with a session of Me vs. Everybody and end with hours of late-night werewolf hunting.

Besides the four of us, we also got help from several of our devoted fans, most notably including Marissa, Shane, Kat, and Sam. Thanks y'all!

Anyway, it was an excellent convention. Sales were great, and while it was all a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun. It was particularly exciting to see people's reactions to Zombie Fluxx... we were using my final artwork prototype, since the game is now at the printers (woo-hoo!) and I'm feeling really good about it. It's obvious from the way people are responding to it that Zombie Fluxx is going to be a big hit for us, and the game is so solid that another intense round of playtesting turned up just a couple of tiny last-minute tweaks.

For other glimpses of the fun we had at GenCon, check out Robin's photos, the PodCast I was interviewed for (my spot is about 43 minutes in), and my LiveJournal postings. (I've titled my new LiveJournal account "The Games Andy Looney is Playing" and it's become an accounting of whatever games I've been playing, so naturally I had a lot of reporting to do considering how many games I played last week.)

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

PS: Icebreaker 2 has arrived!

Thought Residue
At GenCon I got my author's copy of the just-released book Hobby Games: The Best 100. I'm very happy and proud to be featured in this big book of enthusiastic ramblings about the greatest games ever, both as the creator of one of the featured games (Fluxx, as reviewed by Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo) and as a noted industry expert (I wrote a review of Cosmic Wimpout). I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's essays!

After a very geeky discussion on the Icehouse list started by with a question posed by a math-obsessed girl named Diane, I've learned there are 204 ways you can arrange your 3 pieces in a game of Treehouse. That's so cool! Now when I'm teaching the game I can say "The House starts like this, and your pieces start like this, and there are over 200 other ways these pieces can be configured."
I almost never remember my dreams but a moment from one dream I had this week has lingered. Aliens had conquered the Earth and humanity had been virtually wiped out. I had survived, and along with a group of other survivors we were being allowed to tour a museum our conquerors had built, preserving mankind's worthwhile achievements. Even though I knew we were going to be killed too when the tour was done, it was a happy moment for me because I saw a Treehouse set on display on one of the glass cases. (After this some adventures occurred and we somehow escaped...)

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