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Thursday, March 15th, 2007

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empty bowls and joco & throwing christians to the lions

Haiku Reviews

Jackass 2 :|

It seems Jackass One
didn't feature quite enough
damaged private parts.

Carolyn Scott & Rookie

Tirade's Choice

Stereo Eclipse

"I discovered the pyramidal wonder of all things Icehouse in late 2006, whilst browsing BGG. I read the wikis. I bought a tube. I bought some more tubes. Then I bought PwP, some Volcano caps, a Martian Coasters set, Zendo cards, a Chessboard Bandana, picked up Proton, put Chrononauts on my wish list, set up a regular Games night for my family and friends..... well, you get the picture. I've played Treehouse in bars, restaurants and airports with friends and strangers on two continents and counting. I can be found playing virtual Icehouse games at the excellent - feel free to challenge me!" -- Avri Klemer's rabbit bio

Trying Out To Be A Superhero

This weekend I did something crazy: I applied to be on a reality show, specifically season 2 of the SciFi channel's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" (WWTBASH).

As I mentioned after watching the first season last summer, I really enjoyed this show. Whereas most reality shows challenge their contestants with tests of abilities such as endurance, strength, trivia knowledge, and willingness to eat insects, WWTBASH is quite different: here the winner is determined by measures of creative writing, costuming, acting, role-playing, and above all, imaginative thinking. Well, if that's not the kind of challenge I'm perfectly-suited for, I don't know what is!

To further the feeling that it was my destiny to try out for this, I happened to notice, with just barely enough time to prepare, that an open casting call for WWTBASH was being held right here in my own city! All I had to do was fill out a 9-page application, film a 10 minute try-out video, and show up at a mall out near Dulles Airport for the auditions. I just HAD to give it a shot!

Of course, I also had to come up with a detailed superhero persona to submit, but hey, that's a piece of cake for a Creative Dynamo like me. And what IS the superhero character I submitted? Sorry, but for now I'm going to keep my secret identity a secret, so you'll just have to speculate about that.

However, you do get to watch the first 2 minutes of my try-out video. Since it happens that I've already gotten into making little videos about my life lately, I was able to start out my 10 minute super-hero application video with a generic introduction to myself, which I happen to have already been working on when I found out about WWTBASH. It's my new Ask Andy video this week.

Now, of course, I'm in that painful "waiting to get your report card" phase... I'm egotistical enough to think that I "aced" this "exam," but of course, we shall see. Fortunately, I don't have very long to wait to find out... they plan to do the actual filming for the show during the first few weeks of April, so one way or another, I should know soon. Check back here in two weeks to find out if I'm packing my bags or riding on a bummer!

Speaking of trying out to be on game shows, I'm also looking at the applications for Deal or No Deal and 1 vs. 100. But now I want to see what happens with this WWTBASH thing before I decide on what to do next...


PS: Have you taken our Fluxx Survey yet?

Thought Residue
I've started participating in the Wednesday night Texas Hold'em tournaments that are being held nearby at the College Perk Coffeehouse, and last night, I won 2nd place! This is the best I've ever done in a Hold'em tournament of this size, which had over 40 players, and I got to pocket $15! (First prize is $25, and those are the only financials involved... to avoid getting into legal trouble for gambling, the buy-in is free.)

It looks like I'll have to add another section to the Fictional Andy Looney... apparently a student named Nathaniel in an Intermediate Playwriting class is writing a play about how I started the Time Repair Agency. "Basically, it's about how Andy becomes a Chrononaut and helps the other Chrononauts realize how much good they can do for the world, when until then they have been going about their jobs without any compassion at all." I wonder who they'll get to play me when it becomes a movie someday. (Speaking of which, the folks on the Chrononauts mailing list are brainstorming ideas for a Chrononauts movie, something I myself have long been pondering...)
After tabulating the first 435 survey results, the first thing we notice is that 79% of the respondents are male. (Where are you, Lady Fluxx Fans?)

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