An Original Science Fiction Collectable Card Game by John Montrie

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Super Nova is available direct from the Author.

Available are boxed sets of 165 cards in a plastic case with the rules for $20 plus $3 shipping.

Super Nova cards also come in Master Booster packs that contain 18 cards and a set of rules. The packs are sold in displays of 36 packs of cards for $30 plus $5 shipping.

Retailers, if you order in quantity we can further discount your order.

Checks or money orders should be made out to 'Buccanneer Games' and mailed to:
Buccaneer Games
PO Box 5323
Laurel MD 20726


to the Official Super Nova information page on the World Wide Web. This site contains all of the most up-to-date news, rule changes, events, and related material on Super Nova and other products developed by Buccaneer Games.


*What's New Updated April 2000
Press releases, upcoming events, and recent changes to the pages
*What is Super Nova?
*Buy Boxed Sets!
*Rules of the Game
Up-to-date revised list of rules and rulings
*Strategy Tips
An article by Bruce Mount on winning strategies for Super Nova
*Game Variations 
Some interesting rules variations including team play
*About the Author
*About the Artists
Lists most of the artists and their home pages, when available.
*Galactic Library
A list of all cards in the first edition. Contains specific rulings on cards, errata, and other notes.