Game Variations

  1. Use the contents of an entire display box of Super Nova as an incredibly huge deck, The sheer number of cards provides some zany combinations. (Average 4 Quantum Flux cards!)

  2. Build a deck with no special cards that affect the strengths of an attack. This makes a deck where you will know for sure if an attack will suceed or not.

  3. Decks with lots of Super Novas and Black Holes make for a longer game. Dont forget to have lots of planets in the deck.

  4. Take out cards that have only military value. this makes the game much more Economically/Diplomatically oriented. Or reverse and make a mainly military shoot-em-up game.

  5. If you have lots of cards and want a longer game, up the population potential needed to win to 23 (or more).

  6. To play as a competitive deck game just agree to the number of cards in each deck (at least 108). Make a list of the cards in each deck (the cards will get mixed). Each player has their own Draw, Discard, and Scrapyard piles. Play as normal.

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Last updated: 24-October-1996