Super Nova: Strategy and Tips

Welcome to the strategy center! This area discusses overall Super Nova strategy including strategy for different segments of the game and tips on using specific cards. Although there is some overlap between sections, most sections contain new information as well. If you have further questions, feel free to write me at

General sections:
How Much Strategy Does Super Nova Have?
The overall game plan
The psychological game plan

Suggestions for different segments of the game:
In the beginning....planning from the start
During the middle game
The big finish...ending the game

Check back later. More strategy sections are still under construction...

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About Bruce Mount
Bruce has been an avid gamer for many years with a strong appreciation for classical strategy games like Chess, Go, Diplomacy, and Bridge. When Bruce gets bitten by a new game it is often like an addiction and other part of his so-called life suffer. At age 16, Bruce was the top rated chess player in his high school (of 2000 people) for a brief period until he got bitten by Go. Currently, Bruce can be found running and playing Diplomacy games on AOL where he has occasionally served as an so-called "expert" commentator for some games. During the final phases of playtesting Super Nova, Bruce was stupid enough to win 5 games in a row and thus got saddled with writing this article.

For Super Nova, Bruce wrote/edited the final version of the rules and card text. So, if you find any text (rules or cards) that is wrong or confusing, blame Bruce (...but then you have to tell him so he can correct it). It should be noted that several other people (e.g., Chort and Tom Jewell) created/edited earlier version of the text. Bruce is also the Super Nova "Net Host"; if you post a Super Nova question in a Net Newsgroup, Bruce is the one most likely to respond. Write him at or Click here to see what he does.