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April '00

Direct Ordering via Credit Card

To order Super Nova boxed sets with a credit card go to: http://www.wunderland.com/looneylabs/aboutllabs.html

Event Horizon - It's HERE!!!

60 new cards Featuring events, 2 new alien races, and more planets ships  and specials.

Meet The Author

Origins 2000 7-9 June, 2000
Look for Chort at the Wunderland Play area

April '98

Event Horizon - Due out Aug'98 Details coming soon....

Chort's Marauders is recruting

We need people to run games at local game stores and at gaming and Science Fiction conventions. What we do is send you promotional materials and you run demos at stores and Cons. Marauders can get free T-shirts, prints and other Su per Nova stuff. If you are interested in promoting Super Nova contact Chort at IvanChort@aol.com.

Event cards (a preview)
Event cards are played just after the draw phase and before the Discover Phase. Each player (starting with the player who begins the turn) has the opportunity to play one Event card. The Event Card affects all players for the whole turn. At the end of the turn all Event cards go to the Scrapyard. Affects of multiple Event Cards are cumulative (Example: If one Event card played says that for this turn planets may only be attacked Militarily and another is played saying that planets may only be attacked Diplomatically than planets may only be attacked Militarily and Diplomatically)

August '97

On the Horizon

Its on the way!!!

We have found backers for Event Horizon and we hope to have it out by Christmas.

I'm going to do everything in my power to get it out as soon as possible. Right now we are looking at a set of 68 new cards packaged with 48 standard Super Nova cards to make a complete game in a box. This will include all rules and rule updates. Coming up we have in-store demos, con demos, play testing and a whole lot more.

Pre-ordering info will appear here as soon as we have the cost pinned down (probably from $12-15)

T-shirts and prints are now available

Prints are 7" by 7" 720dpi printouts for $10 plus $1 shipping and handling T-shirts Available in most colors and sizes cost $15 plus $1 shipping and handling

Please specify which card you want a print of
For T-shirts specify which card, color of T-shirt (white is the default), your size, and most importantly, your address.

Checks should be made payable to Buccaneer Games

Send check or money order to :

Buccaneer Games 
PO Box 5323
Laurel, MD 20726

July '97

Congratulations to Joe Kubinski who won the first even official Super Nova Tournament. Second place was a tie between Jeff Simpson and Richard Butler. Thanks to all who attended.

Important Note

Some boxes of cards in the latest print run contain an incomplete set of rules. The section missing is on "Winning The Game" and can be found on this web site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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