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 We've sold 350,000 copies of Fluxx...

...through word of mouth, conventions and an ever-growing number of small independent hobby game stores. Fluxx is our most popular game and a Mensa Select award winner. Even non-gamers love it!

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New: Zombie Fluxx!

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  • Version 3.0 & 3.1 rules in text and PDF (380k download)
  • Fluxx rules in Spanish (PDF, 68k download)
  • Fluxxentration: a Fluxx variant by 'Becca Stallings
Fluxx Testimonials
"My son received Fluxx as a birthday present last month. This weekend, we introduced the game to my brothers who were visiting for the thanksgiving holiday. What a blast! Even the most reserved of my brothers was giggling like a young one. The best part was that the children and the adults actually played together, and the TV was off for quite some time. Of course, everyone wants to buy several sets as holiday gifts."
- email testimonial from a fan
"A friend of ours brought Fluxx over and announced that we had to learn how to play it for it was 'the best game in all of the world.' Luckily for us, it was."
- emailed comments from Christina

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