a Fluxx variant by 'Becca Stallings

Players: 1+ (best with 2 or 3)
Playing Time: 10-15 minutes
Equipment: a Fluxx deck


Separate the Keepers and Goals from the deck, and set all the other cards aside. Shuffle the Goals and place them in a stack, face down. Shuffle the Keepers and lay them all out on the table in a 3x7 grid, face down.


On your turn, flip the top Goal card onto a face up stack next to the unplayed Goal stack. Then flip over two Keeper cards, keeping them in place in the grid of Keepers.

If you picked the right Keepers for the current Goal, take the Goal and place it on the table in front of you. If they don't match, the Goal stays in the discard pile to be attempted again the next time through the Goal deck. Whether you won the goal or not, flip the keepers back over (after all players have seen them) and try to remember where they were, while the next player takes their turn.

When the Goal pile runs out, shuffle and start going through the pile again. The second and third times through the deck will go much faster, as players learn where the Keepers are located.

Special Goals

Some Goals are exclusionary--for instance, "The Brain (No TV)." To match one of these Goals, you must turn up the desired Keeper and any other card that is NOT the excluded Keeper ­ for instance, The Brain and Peace. To match the Goal "All You Need Is Love," you must turn up Love as your FIRST card and refrain from turning up a second card. (Remove the Goals "5 Keepers" and"10 Cards in Hand," in advance, or when they are turned up.)

Winning the Game

When all the Goals have been won the winner is the player with the most Goals on the table in front of them.