Thanks to all of you who filled out this survey
about the content of our webzine!

How often do you visit
More than once a week21.23%
Once a week, after the Thursday update 55.75%
Every few weeks12.38%
Every couple of months3.53%
On rare occasions1.76%
This is my first visit2.65%

How much of our website do you think you've explored?
I've read every word on every page2.65%
I think I've seen most of it35.39%
I've seen a lot but I know there's a lot I've missed 50.44%
I've barely scratched the surface7.96%

Which regular features do you make a point of reading?
Andy's Article (82.30%) Haiku Movie Reviews (61.06%) Tirade's Choice (23.89%)
Thought Residue (75.22%) Daddy-O's Movie Reviews (39.82%) #12's Web Comic Picks (10.61%)
Cool Words (56.63%) Testimonial of the Week (46.90%) Ginohn News (29.20%)
Four : Eleven (44.24%) Iceland Cartoon (67.25%) The Ember Update (11.50%)

Which types of content do you enjoy?
Looney Labs News (87.61%) Rules to Games (74.33%) Art Projects (46.01%) Java Games (38.93%)
Looney's Life Anecdotes (74.33%) Game Design Essays (69.91%) Recipes (25.66%) Surveys (17.69%)
Other WTS Life Journals (23.00%) Political Essays (38.05%) Fiction (41.59%)
Personal WTS Pages (31.85%) Other Essays (34.51%) Photos (59.29%)

This survey was begun 2002.08.01, and the last submission was accepted 2002.09.07 (38 days). A total of 113 submissions were received. Wunderland averages about 2000 unique hits every two days. So, if you're trying to do anything important with these numbers, you're probably nutty.

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