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humbug (hum'-bug) n. 1.a: something designed to deceive and mislead b: a person who passes himself off as something he is not. 2: an attitude or spirit of pretense and deception. 3: nonsense; drivel v.t. deceive, hoax. v.i. to engage in a hoax or deception.
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Two directors make
and break rules to make and break
the perfect human.

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Schlock Mercenary

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

March 7, 2005

What's Going On? Snow & Stuff

There's all kinds of stuff going on, but I don't seem to have much that's new to talk about today. So, for lack of anything better to share, here's a nice picture of yet another snowstorm... has this been a snowier winter for us than usual?

Regarding all the stuff we have simmering on the stove, here's a tiny bulletized report:

  • Moving into the Attic Office: We took a bunch of boxes and computers and files (and a filing cabinet) over to the new office this week... Kristin must now leave the building in order to go to work!
  • Packing Boxes: This week I got another 14 boxes of our stuff packed up and ready to put into storage. Regular visitors are starting to notice things disappearing from shelves, but progress still seems glacial.
  • New Fluxx Products: There's a huge debate raging on the Fluxx mailing list over the ideas I posted for Fluxx Jr and Fluxx Reduxx last week. I think I'll be dropping a couple of the less-successful Goals, notably The Ice Cream Truck is at the Playground (I like the suggestion of Fudgesicle (Ice Cream + Stick) better) and Someone Left the Cake out in the Rain (which I still think is funny, but which I've always kinda figured I'd delete at the last minute).
  • Upcoming Trade Shows: GTS is in two weeks, and we're working on making new flyers and other such preparations.
  • Sending the Holiday Gift to our Rabbits: No, it still hasn't happened, but we're determined to get this done before GTS.
Well, that's all I have to say about that stuff at this time. I guess it's just gonna be a short update this week...
AndyThanks for Playing Our Games!

Thought Residue
Many Americans are upset about Canada's decision not to participate in our construction of an Anti-Ballistic Missile system, but to this peace-lovin' hippie, it's just one more reason to like the idea of moving to Canada.

Oops! I've been misusing the phrase "begs the question" for years! Oh well.
"Every conspiracy theory results in a confusing fight between the people making the accusations and the people insisting that they are innocent. I think another reason people avoid conspiracy theories is because when they convince themselves that there is no such thing as conspiracies, they don't have to worry about them. When a person refuses to believe in conspiracies, he can ignore the evidence on the grounds that it is paranoid nonsense. He doesn't have to bother reading books or watching videos, nor does he have to think about or discuss how to make a better nation. Refusing to consider conspiracies is taking the easy and irresponsible path in life." -- Eric Hufschmid, "Do You Believe in Conspiracies?"

"Thank you for speaking out so publicly against marijuana prohibition. Thank you for making pot less 'scary.' Thank you all for putting your money (and your crazy business) where your hearts/politics are. I've played (and sold) your games for quite a while now, but when you became more and more vocal about pot legality I started to get a little uncomfortable. I was raised by alcoholic rage-filled parents, but it was 'drugs' I was afraid of, thanks to early-childhood anti-drug 'education.' I was terrified of pot, the people who used it, and the possibility that it might somehow sap my intelligence just to attend concerts where it was being smoked. I was well and truly paranoid about it... But... Andy's writing was eloquent and non-confrontational when Stoner Fluxx was released. By then I was a Mad Rabbit/Demo Bunny already and trying to keep an open mind. I thought a lot about smoking pot, and why I was so afraid of drugs. I started to calm down a little bit. Last year at GTS, I had the chance to meet you all... got some hugs (thank you Russell!), some flowers, and autographed promo cards. You weren't scary. Andy even remembered my name from the Early American Chrononauts beta-test! 'Stoners' ceased being scary. I started talking to people about marijuana prohibition (I live in Santa Cruz, it's a major topic bandied about town). After it was obvious that I had calmed down, several friends came out of the smoking closet. It turns out I knew a LOT of stoners, all of them cool people that had just been hiding that part of their life from me. They knew it would upset me, so they didn't push it on me at all. More proof that stoners aren't scary people!" -- email from Danielle Brown



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