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I've been using eBay to raise money by selling off old stuff since July 2004. These pages are my archive of everything I've sold. (You will notice some redundancy on these pages, which is a natural by-product of the way I organize this data for easy uploading to eBay.) I've broken this stuff up into the following categories:

Up For Auction This Week:

Is there something in particualr you wish were going up for sale next week? Would you like to get email from me whenever I put something new up for sale? Let Andy know!

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I usually ship by USPS Priority Mail. Yes, I can pack multiple items into one package to save on shipping.

If you live outside the USA, the postage will cost 2-3 times more than the cost I have listed here. If you win, I will figure out how much you owe, but I would rather not figure out the extra postage until you win. Also, please do not ask me to misrepresent the value of the item or declare it a gift. I understand you have import taxes to deal with but I do not wish to be dishonest. Sorry.

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The eBay links policy prevents me from providing clickable links (or even complete URLs) to my rather large personal website, which can be found at Wunderland [dot] com. That said, you'll find a lot of interesting free content there, including more detailed information about some of the stuff I've been selling here on eBay.


[index] [Fluxx stuff] [Chrononauts stuff] [Icehouse stuff] [M:tG cards] [other stuff]

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