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Thursday, July 30, 1998

First, the New Stuff:

  • Renee has finally done something with her web page!
  • Ruth Young gave us a really great unsolicited testimonial for Aquarius
  • Chapter 44 of the Empty City (in which the eponymous short story, which no one ever understood, is explained)

One day in our booth at Origins, I was talking to Elliott Evans (reigning Icehouse champion of the world) and I remembered that he's a clever guy who's always building stuff, so I said to him "Hey! You know what we need in here? We need a life size version of the signpost in the Looney Labs logo! Do you think you could build such a thing?" Eeyore thought about it for a little well and declared that he thought he could. So I asked him if he could get it done in time for us to use at Gen-Con. And he said he'd try. And you know what? He did it! And it's great! We picked it up yesterday, just in time for packing in with the stuff we're shipping out ahead of time by truck, and it's really really cool.

On a related note, I built a new coffee table this week. The one we had at Origins (which I confiscated from my brother when he left it behind in his move to California) is a pain to haul around - what we need is something the same size but with removable legs. So, I built one.

The Washington Times is doing a feature story on Looney Labs and our games! The story is set to appear in next Thursday's issue and will include color photos!

Anyway, enjoy life!

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