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Thursday, June 25, 1998

First, the New Stuff:

The Icehouse internet mailing list burst forth from its cocoon this week, with over 150 messages being sent to list subscribers since last Thursday. The discussions started with questions, rumors, and speculations about the upcoming tournament at Origins, but quickly developed into numerous threads, ranging from issues like the benefits of the Snowball, the history of the Cheeseball, and discussions of possible changes to the rules, such as a call for changing the penalty for a false icehouse call. If you like Icehouse but aren't signed on to the mailing list, you should, because the conversations have been great! It's getting me really excited about the tournament, too, which I think I shall compete in.

Speaking of Origins, it's now just a week away and we're still frantically working on getting ready for it. We've been getting a press release ready this week, and we're finally getting around to figuring out what our booth will be like. As for Virtual Gina, she's just about done... now I'm busy creating Virtual Lori.

Kristin spent the weekend at the Gathering of the Vibes in upstate New York, networking with vendors who own head shops and other groovy stuff emporiums in the northeast. She met lots of fabulous people, many of whom will now be carrying Aquarius in their shops... if you're in Lake George NY this summer, go visit Lisa at her shop Xentrix - she's got big plans for Aquarius in her store this summer... and she made Kristin a really cool hemp hair wrap. As predicted, sticker #3 was a big hit among the dead heads at the Gathering.

I'm really starting to believe that there's hope for getting our country out of the disaster that has been our War on Drugs. For the first time that I've ever noticed, someone in congress actually does seem to have some sense. Representative Ron Paul, a Republican from the Houston area, delivered the most intelligent speech I've heard from a politician in as long as I can remember. He pointed out to his fellow congressmen that the drug war has failed, that we've spent $200 BILLION dollars and made little or no progress in stopping drug use, that deaths from illegal drug use are as nothing compared to those associated with cigarettes and alcohol, and most of all, that federal laws against drug use are unconstitutional. I just hope his fellow congressmen were listening. His statements for the Congressional Record are rather long, but very well worth reading. Check it out at (an amazingly good site that's updated twice a day). Then tell your elected officials to listen to what Ron Paul has to say. Go Ron!

That's all for now. Enjoy Life!

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