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small red square Today I endured out-patient surgery at a Los Gatos hospital - a podiatrist (who shares a lot of attributes <1> with my last boss Back East) removed two warts from the bottom of each of my feet with a carbon dioxide laser. These "plantar" warts have been growing and multiplying for over two years now; the ineffectuality of various treatments has led up to this minor operation. After an expensive cab ride (where we discussed Kurt Vonnegut and his Church of God the Indifferent, as well as local "meet markets" and brothels) I arrived & checked in for the usual patient routines: some rendering of bodily fluids, changing into the hospital gown, getting wheeled about on a gurney, and being connected up to devices with wires and hoses. The only painful part was the injections of local anesthetics; most of my time in the OR was spent in animated chatter with an older nurse after the discovery that we both came from neighboring towns in the same Maryland county. Afterwards T drove me home; prior to the dropping off I took him into work for a general tour and visit to the interior of Moffett Field's Hanger One. Now, for several days my feet are bound up in bloody rags; I feel they make me resemble a wartime refugee; an impression enhanced by the limping caused by both these goofy velcro-closure post-op shoes I must wear, and the operation itself.

small yellow square Lying there on my back, strapped down to a table with a powerful laser up there almost between my legs, I advised the various medical personnel present of my discomfort with this scene's similarity to the one in "Goldfinger" and NONE OF THEM KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! I detailed how it was a circular saw in the book <2>; and the movie's hardware was a lot neater-looking than their own. To hear G's favorite bit of dialogue from that very sequence in the film, this page has sound files in both .wav and .avi format.

small green square Reading DFW's 1996 essay "David Lynch Keeps His Head" convinces me that I have to see all that director's stuff - must definitely watch the recent "Lost Highway", and re-screen "Blue Velvet" (plus I should really catch up on "Twin Peaks" - I only saw the first 1.5 episodes). Also must see the 1959 film "The Fugitive Kind" (with Marlon Brando) which he alleges "Wild At Heart" is a remake of. This means acquiring either a color monitor (I do have a working green monochrome) or better yet an inexpensive combined TV-VCR (since my VCR no longer rewinds). This purchase might conflict with my active hostility to television, reinforced by today's arrival of the anti-tube 'zine' "The White Dot". Good extract from a letter therein:
I am particularly turned off by TV news. Instead of real news, what is offered is an "entertainment of terrible happenings" carefully edited to maximize entertainment value and carefully omitting any background to provide understanding of why these things are happening. The content is cleverly manipulated to serve the interests of the "powers that be". - R. T. Gabbert, Chicago

small cyan square Query: DFW uses italics for movie titles - should I, too? Now I reserve that font-switch just for book titles and emphasis.

OR - Operating Room
DFW - David Foster Wallace

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<1>Both are jolly, mustachioed, chunky, "swarthy" men with full heads of black hair and no trace of accent; but the doctor's younger, and his name's Polish in contrast to the boss's Spanish surname. Back

<2>Podiatrist: "You mean they were gonna cut him in half?" Back