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small green square Evening status: Intense but not debilitating headache; feet hurt from this morning's pre-op (more on that tomorrow); belly pleasantly full of sushi from down the street, at Sushi Tei, the closest and an alright venue of this type: small, but good fish; with jolly chef, and the ambience ain't bad.

small red square Listening to that "One Step Beyond" guy (Dave Emory) on KFJC last night, he summed up nicely the feelings I share about what he calls "Zippergate" - it's all a distraction engineered by the virulent right-wing (which he characterizes as being in league with this country's entrenched national security establishment, which in turn have connections to international fascists - he implies that JFK also ran afoul of them). Large, important events under way out in the real world will affect us all; yet our mainstream media positively shouts about this so-called "scandal", and nothing else. (Sexual harassment? If so, how come Monica Lewinski isn't pressing charges? Infidelity? Why isn't the First Lady complaining?) New evidence daily, etc. For the (rare) contrary viewpoint read Salon - here's just a few of their excellent articles on this topic:

  1. How the deep and twisted roots of Kenneth Starr's Clinton inquisition stretch back to the dark corners of the 1992 presidential campaign.
  2. Starr Comstockery
  3. "Let us prey" - the Jerry Falwell connection
The "vast right-wing conspiracy" Hillary mentioned is quite evident to me; too bad she used the "C-word", which effectively nullifies the statement to a lot of people. But how can there be any doubt that the old guard's screeching about the non-crimes of Whitewater and the Lewinsky "affair" is anything else but a campaign to neutralize an activist President who might possible alter their comfortable status quo?

small blue square Saw "The Great Lebowski" yesterday - some pleasant fluff from the Coen Bros - Jeff Bridges' character ("The Dude") as well as John Goodman's were quite amusing (although the story, upon examination, seems like The Little Man Upon The Stair <1>.) Good soundtrack, too. Three previews, none of them annoying: "Lost In Space" (which looks like The Good Stuff), Jackie Chan with terrific stunts in a comedy - "Mr. Nice Guy", and one that left me with a deep sense of nostalgic melancholy, which lingers still - "The Last Days Of Disco". Although I thought the "look" of the twenty-something actors & actresses was way off from the reality of those days, they sure were good times, in retrospect - and the preview <2> seemed to capture the correct Zeitgeist.

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Oh lost, and by the wind grieved, ghost, come back again.
- Thomas Wolfe <3>

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"Last night, while walking up the stair
 I met a man who wasn't there
 He wasn't there again today
 I wish, I wish he'd stay away!" Back

<2> Sorry if you feel a film-buff and former Entertainment City resident like me should use the Industry term "trailer" - I would, if they showed 'em following the movie like they allegedly used to - but since it comes before & not after I prefer the more logical & populist "preview". Should I ever attend an actual "preview" I call it an "advance screening". Back

<3>...from his 1929 Look Homeward, Angel - it's that wonderful book's reoccurring theme. (No, this isn't Tom Wolfe) Back