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small red square Oy do my feet hurt. Every step is agony - I stagger about like Frankenstein's monster; I'm hoping today will be the worst day. The laser was used to remove my epidermis (the outer layer); allegedly the warts never penetrate the next layer (the dermis). This is that ridgy flesh you've seen if you've ever popped a blister, and torn away that now-excess-seeming flimsy, outer flesh - which is epidermis. As I recall healing does not occur until the dermis scabs over - this could be a while. With the new "Lost In Space" movie opening soon it only seems appropriate to quote Dr. Smith: "Oh, the pain."

small cyan square Perusing old Word articles I come across what was the first On-line Journal I read. This is the entry for 20-MAY-95 10:58:

     I am sitting at my desk, copyediting on 
     this gorgeous day.  I will copyedit all 
     day tomorrow, too. I am lifelessly
Read more of Josh Karpf's "Boring" diary - some entries are longer, and many are even shorter. (And be grateful I don't follow his minimalist example; although I do find it amusing.)

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