small yellow square After late sleep drove off in the rain to work out at the on-base gym, just as I arrived I realized I'd forgotten my gym bag! There & back again, this time leaving the sauna newspapers in the car! This made for a rainy jog out to the car, sweat-soaked in the cold, which reminded me of Aquatic School at Goshen in August 1967. What a long ago deal that was. Attempted chatter & play with someone's 9-year-old daughter (Kristin) while doing sit-ups; woulda liked to spend more time at that but her Dad moved in to intervene.

small red square Spoke with brother J briefly for birthday wishes, he was on his way out but we had a sumo discussion where I described the wonderful smell of that wrestler <1> standing bus-waiting that time out front of the Shinagawa Prince hotel in Tokyo - his wonderful baking-pumpkin-pie nutmeg aroma.

small cyan square Then off to Palo Alto, first for tasty chicken taco at the Pollo Rey thence to the cinema for "Afterglow". Good, however possible interaction with the solo blonde who sat down next to me was inhibited by shyness - but my tentative comment during the film WAS ignored. After brief pause for carrot juicing, more Sir Winston reading at Tung Kee noodle - #3 was especially good today. Do I eat there daily now?

small green square Back home to find more trouble with the Monorail PC - yesterday Paintbrush disappeared; today Wordpad! What's going on? Troubles may have started when I ran Tweak UI & Add/Remove on Internet Mail yesterday AM... may try archiving all useful files to floppy & reloading from CD-ROM - this purge could be a Good Thing, or perhaps just a disaster.

small red square Began transferring home-page files to the other server. Thinking about the form the GeoCities page will take, when this Journal activity moves there.

small orange square Odd, vague sore-throat pain began, lower down on right side only.

small blue square Copied "Bad Moon Rising" and Jean Siberry's "Waitress" song onto the fourth Running tape. Amused reflection on how the former was a theme song in that on-line survivalist Triple Ought book by James Wesley, Rawles. These tapes contain songs who's tempo matches my treadmill-running speed exactly,

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<1>His regalia identified him positively. Back