small red square Reading on-line journals make me think I should start one. So here goes. Welcome!

small blue square Today was one of those all-too-common days when the only people I spoke with were merchants.

small yellow square Found good sci-fi during first visit to that used paperback store in Sunnyvale with the weird hours, including a copy of the "pink" edition of Ringworld, at long last. Also acquired my first issue of "Acme Novelty Library" comics (#3) by Chris Ware - this guy is unbelievable. Continue reading long interview with him in "Comics Journal" #200, plus of course more relentless progress through Sir Winston's The Gathering Storm - speaking of which, much rain today, plus rainbow. Seems there's lots of rainbows in Mountain View.

small violet square Breakfast Dim Sum at Ranch 99, very late lunch at Tung Kee Noodle.

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