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small yellow square Reading xiled's journal, encountered a bit where people at a dinner party are talking about a movie they just saw and I was reminded of my "fifth wheel" position at one where they'd all just seen the new Spike Lee (that "mo' better" one) and I hadn't, and how these white people around me were all suddenly erupting with their imitations of the Negro patois, repeating lines from the film, I suppose. Whatever, I felt extremely embarrassed, and gazed down at my plate, shame-faced. Fortunately talk soon moved on to other subjects.

small blue square Had a dream about David last night, but didn't recall any details. 'Xiled' just mentioned Watergate, and I remember once driving back to D&Gs at Walnut St and him saying how upset he was when Nixon resigned (feelings of impending doom, etc) and how I recalled as he said that how in actuality we'd had a splendid time goofing around that day - saw that animated feature "Cheap" at the Cerebus in Georgetown, then paused at the White House on the way back because we knew Something Was Up (and how we fit my Dad's VW Bug into a tight spot nearby by my nosing it in, then we all picked up its stern bumper and swiveled it into position) and we attempted wise-guy chatter with the few media types out front (boy has the magnitude of THAT type of scene changed) but they weren't talking, and how we finally wound up in C's summer-school dorm room watching Nixon say "bye" while we smoked & drank -- David with me all that time, and he was upset? Not as I recalled, but I didn't say anything, didn't want to be argumentative ... that woulda been about five years later, 1978.

small purple square Tried to get tickets to Garrison Keillor, wotta laff. How could I have gotten so worked up about such a thing? Lines always busy, and of course once I got through it was sold out. This is why you see fans (and scalpers' lackeys) camped out overnight to get concert tickets. And of course the fans would be legion for someone that big, heard for free weekly on the radio - being in a hall full of them woulda been intolerable.

small cyan square Churchill quote of the day:
"France had much to worry about, and only very silly people, of whom there are extremely large numbers in every country, could ignore all this."

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