Pop-Tart Cafe Scrapbook #5: Balticon 2001

On the left is the way the entry passage looked.


On the right, the main room, with Eeyore, Tucker, and others playing Martian Chess at the center table.



This time around, Gina and Petra joined Alison, Andy, and Emily in serving freshly-toasted Pop-Tarts.

In the back of the main room, we set up a little sales desk (notice Kristin's arm is in a sling, due to her recent hand surgery). In the back of the smaller room, we set up the Pop-Tart Kitchen...

Chrononauts was very popular, at one point being played at nearly every table in the cafe (including on the bed).

Zendo was also played extensively. Check out the amazing arch structure in the game Dave Chalker is mastering! (And yes, it had the Buddha-nature...)

This guy (sorry Dude, I can't remember your name!) made this really cool extra big Fluxx box, to hold the basic deck plus all his extra cards! (well, all the ones he's added so far...)

Here's Dave kicking his friend Danny's butt at Cosmic Coasters. Note the cool "Giant Coaster" table we set up!

Someone even brought a Deluxe Q-turn set!

<-- Sharon and Alison in front of the desk



The view from behind the desk -->

Here we see Emily and her amazing pants! She's started handcrafting Icehouse Earrings, and we sold them at the Cafe. We still have a few left... see anything you like? Contact us.


On the left, Emily's pants in the glow of the lava lamp.




On the right, Tucker playtests Eeyore's new game in the connecting hallway between the two main rooms.

The backs may look like Aquarius, but actually, this is a copy of Andy's new game, Nanofictionary. He only let a few people try out the current prototype, but they seemed to dig it...

... and here we see Jake and Kory introducing the newly released rules for Gnostica.

And lastly, a couple of extra pics of Gina, relaxing and goofing off even while on duty as pop-tart chef... :)


Anyway, thanks a million once again to everyone who helped us make another Pop-Tart Cafe a smashing success!

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