Pop-Tart Cafe Scrapbook #8: Balticon 2003

To the left is the view on the way in... we had a nice-sized function space room for the cafe itself (the Peale room) and also had use of the hallway space out front for giant pyramid gaming. Below is what it looked like inside...

As usual, we were mobbed most of the time... people smell the tarts cooking from all the way down the hall, and once they settle in for a few games of Fluxx, they often find it hard to leave...



There were a lot of people playing Martian Chess at the Cafe... on the left we see Miranda Ramey and Victoria Besner, as they get into the game's wacky rules for the first time, and on the right, Eeyore's playing on one of his really cool new plexiglass Martian Chessboard Sections.

Speaking of really cool new plastic boards, check out this new Volcano board Kristin and Mar are trying out above. We got a small run of these made for us by the friendly folks at Kadon (in regular and Mega-Volcano sizes) and were selling them for the first time at the cafe. (Look for all of these cool deluxe gameboards in our webstores soon...)

We gave away 460 Pop-Tarts during the 24 hour event. That's a new record!

 Another game people played a lot this time was RAMbots...

 ...and there was always time for a quick round of Cosmic Coasters.

And of course, in addition to all those pyramid games, people played a lot of our card games. At one point, I saw Fluxx being played at every table in the cafe. Nanofictionary also got a lot of play, as did Chrononauts and Aquarius, as seen here.

Anyway, it was a splendid time... thank you to everyone who helped make it a success!

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