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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a collectible trading card game?

NO! One deck is all you need to play.

2. I heard that some special promo cards used to be available. Are there any left?

Yes, check the Promo Card page.

3. How does the Third Edition differ from the Second Edition?

For the complete low-down, see Andy's report on the subject in the WWN for 11/14/2.

4. How does the Second Edition differ from the First Edition?

Most of the changes were cosmetic. A couple of unsuccessful cards were dropped, and a few others were added, including 2 new Keepers. JazzFish wrote up an entertainingly detailed analysis of the differences between the First and Second Editions. More importantly, the new cards feature a color bar along the side that makes it easier to organize them, both in your hand and on the table. Also, while the backs have the same design as before, the cards themselves are slightly smaller, which means you cannot mix and match between the two versions.

5. The write-up on the back of some versions of the Second Edition box seems to end kind of abruptly. What's the deal?

We've had chronic problems with the Fluxx box. The First Edition boxes were too roomy, and the first batch of Second Edition boxes were too small, and had to be completely redone. Worse, some copies of the Second Edition feature a truncated version of the blurb on the back of the box: the entire last sentence was omitted. Here's how it should read: "The goal of the game? Oh, I'm terribly sorry. No one has played one yet."

6. What do I do with this blank card?

What blank card? You won't find one in a Version 3 deck.

But if you have an older deck, you can do anything you want with the blank card. It's there so you can make up your own rule, or your own goal, or your own Keeper. Just get out a permanent marker (the kind that will write on anything) and create!

Check out the Blanks page for lots of ideas for things to do with blank cards.

7. If I can use the blank card to make up any rule, keeper, or goal that I want, won't whoever draws it always win?

The blank card is not a wild card. A wild card would be far too powerful in this game. You shouldn't include the blank card in the deck until after you've used a permanent marker to turn it into a new card of your own creation. There are no restrictions on the new card you invent, but keep in mind that if it isn't fun for everyone who plays, then not everyone is going to want to play with you when your unique card is included in the deck. (For example, a goal like "You win if your name is Larry" may be popular with you, but annoying for other players.)