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Thursday, November 10th 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

I Got Family Fluxx For My Birthday!

Our newest game is finally here and it arrived just in time for my birthday! Yay!

I had another really nice birthday weekend. I played games (Martian Hold'em, Binary Homeworlds, and of course, the newly arrived Family Fluxx), I feasted on my favorite foods (steak and cake), I received some lovely gifts (thanks y'all!), and in general, I had a great time simply enjoying my life, here at the start of its 42nd year. We also went to see my nephew perform in a Shakespearean play and had a lovely dinner afterwards with my family. But I'll come back to that, first I want to talk about Family Fluxx!

I'm really quite excited to finally be selling Family Fluxx, and I hope everyone will buy a copy immediately. This game has literally been in the works for years, so it's kind of hard to believe that it really is finally here! Long-time fans will remember that the game was called Fluxx Jr until just a few months ago, and it began as a concept for a slimmed down version of the standard game, called Fluxx Lite.

What makes Family Fluxx so special? Lots of things. Here, I'll make a list:

  1. It's smaller: Whereas Fluxx is played with an 84 card deck, Family Fluxx uses just 56 cards, making it the size of a regular playing card deck. It totally fits in your pocket now!
  2. It's cheaper: Family Fluxx retails for just $8!
  3. It's in full-color: The all-new Keepers feature beautiful full-color artwork by Alison.
  4. It's fun for the whole family: We've re-designed our flagship product to appeal specifically to family groups, and we're hoping it now has enough mass market appeal to finally break us out of the hobby game niche and into the mainstream marketplace. Not only are the all-new Keepers and Goals chosen to appeal to kids and adults alike, but the game is actually tailored for maximum enjoyment by a group of family members. How? With special rules called the Child Bonus, the Parent Bonus, and the Grandparent Bonus, which give you perks based on your status in the family.
  5. It's easier: With fewer cards in the deck, we had to trim out the craziest of the New Rules and the really complex actions, but that's all to the good really, since those cards can sometimes get in the way of the fun for new/younger players. Rules like X=X+1 and First Play Random typically add to the fun when you've played a lot of Fluxx but can be pretty confusing when you're just starting out. So all Family Fluxx has in the way of rules are the multiple Draw and Play Rules, a couple of Hand and Keeper Limits, and the family Bonuses mentioned in #4. This makes the game go a lot more smoothly and makes Family Fluxx the ideal choice for someone's first Fluxx experience.

So there you are, 5 reasons why we're excited about Family Fluxx. It really is great... everybody should get one! Please visit our webstore now and place an order. It's a great way to get started on your holiday shopping... get a 9-pack from the Bulk Discount Center and give Family Fluxx to 8 of your friends!

If you've been waiting to buy new EcoFluxx until Family Fluxx became available, well, now's the time! (On the other hand, if you're waiting until Chrononauts is back in print, that'll still be a couple of weeks. We've just signed off on the proofs for the revised cardsheets and updated tuckbox, so Carta Mundi should be printing the cards any day now.)

My nephew Eric (currently 13 years old) has been getting into theater recently. with a group of young players known as The Shakespeare Project (but soon being renamed The Maryland Shakespeare Festival). This weekend the group did a production of King Henry V, and it was really very good! The group had excellent energy and a contagious passion for what they were doing. Here's a picture of the whole cast (click it for a larger version)... Eric is the one crouching down in the back row, 5th from the left:

AndyThanks for reading, have a great week, and Don't Forget to Play!

Thought Residue
"I've often thought that the chromosomal creators in this world are a little narrow-minded. Much of our society seems to be bent on literal children as a path to immortality, while practically ignoring creations in general. But why limit yourself to physical reality when the creation goal itself (becoming a god, gaining immortality, or leaving some of yourself behind) is really metaphysical? In my view, ideas and art and inventions go just as far as the physical graffiti of biological procreation -- sometimes even farther. Who knows whether or how much of Shakespeare's dregs of DNA are still around? Yet his poems and plays live on, and have had many child-poems through the inspiration of other creators." -- John Cooper, from an email conversation about game design between us and some guy named Kory, back in 1999, recently rediscovered in my logbook

"Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he's supposed to be doing at that moment." -- Robert Benchley, quoted in the Montreal Gazette, re-quoted in The Week, 10/7/5
"Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it." -- Mark Twain, quoted in the Marshall, Mo., Democrat-News, re-quoted in The Week, 10/14/5

"I had to play Fluxx to get aquatinted with it for a Demo I have to do this weekend, and discovered I love it to pieces. My Hard core Chrononaut-ness prevents me from saying it's the best game I have ever played, but they are both very very excellent games, both for their own reason. I'd say they're tied." -- comments from a rabbit named Michael

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