Japan Close-Up

This trip, I was armed with my first digital camera, an older Olympus, a D-600L. Since it has excellent close-up capability, I captured a lot of signage, with a natural focus on the cartoony kawaii characters which make traveling in Japan so entertaining. These are all thumbnails: click for a bigger view, or a new page. If it's not just a sign, there's an explanatory caption -- and some of the pages have additional pictures.

Aikoma sign Subway door bearcub hi-tech toilet controls products on a convenience store (kombini) shelf
Pachinko machine Sarudoshi -- the Year of the Monkey Sumo sighting on Ryogoku wall
Yamato delivery logo 2005 toilet slippers warning sign
Nara Bear (first aid?) heater sign Pepsi Machine Repark sign
Glico logo (the Running Man of Osaka) Osaka Castle manhole cover assistance suggestion station platform sign
whales sign Matsuyama Tram logo subway strap Shikoku Gakuin University
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