Rash Reference Portal

Links -- a web reference: ordered by subject, and updated often.

News, Magazines

bullet Google  -   Yahoo  -   text-only CNN and NPR
bullet AP and the BBC
bullet the Washington Post
bullet Rest of World
bullet The New Yorker
bullet Vox
bullet +Babbel
bullet the Gift Article Gazette
bullet The Paris Review
bullet Slate

the 'blogroll

bullet A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry
bullet kottke.org
bullet Pathologically Polymathic
bullet Neat-o-rama
bullet A New Yorker State of Mind
bullet Flutterby!
bullet Messy Nessy -‌- '13 Things Found...'
bullet Web Curious
bullet Follow Me Here
bullet The Zompist
bullet This is Colossal
bullet Everlasting Blört (Twitter gateway)
bullet Memo of the Air
bullet Vintage Everyday
bullet Bored Panda
bullet Spoon Tamago
bullet Curious Places and Amusing Planet
bullet The Sword and the Sandwich
bullet Present & Correct
bullet Bits & Pieces
bullet Flags of Russia


bullet Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
bullet Google Translation
bullet Urban Dictionary

bullet refdesk.com, the Reference Desk
bullet Flags of the World, and the Flag Identifier
bullet IPA reader (International Phonetic Alphabet)
bullet Ask MetaFilter

Moteurs de recherche

bullet Colossus (international directory of search machines)
bullet iXquick MetaSearch
bullet Duck Duck Go
bullet Lycos, Marginalia and Searx
bullet Google advanced search

bullet the Samba forum
bullet Wolfsbürg West
bullet West Coast Metric

Music, Images, Comics, Radio

bullet The WebMuseum and the WikiArt Visual Art Encyclopedia
bullet Cat and Girl
bullet Existential Comics
bullet Joe Frank FAQ · Wiki · Soundcloud streams
bullet Comiques by Anne Emond
bullet KFJC, Marketplace and Capital Public Radio (playlist)
bullet Radiooooo and the Radio Garden
bullet O.T.R at Dumb.com and A & A


bullet Today I Learned (Reddit gateway)

On-Line Columnists and/or Journalists

bullet Garrison Keillor
bullet James Fallows, Breaking the News, and at The Atlantic
bullet Ask the Pilot
bullet current MT Void
bullet the Gus

Armchair Travelin'

bullet Window Swap
bullet Drive and Listen
bullet One Minute Park

Local Cinemas

bullet Century Laguna
bullet UA Laguna Village
bullet The Tower and the Crest, downtown

bullet Stanford Theatre (and Rick's commentary)

email portals

bullet GMail
bullet Sonic

the Library

bullet Sacramento
bullet Link+

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