Rash Reference Page

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Links -- a web reference: ordered by subject, and updated often.

News, Magazines

bullet Google  -   Yahoo  -   Bing  -   text-only CNN and NPR
bullet The New Yorker
bullet Vox, Tedium, and The Baffler
bullet Alternet.org
bullet Slate

the 'blogroll

bullet kottke.org
bullet Pathologically Polymathic
bullet Dark Roast Blend
bullet Neat-o-rama
bullet Flutterby!
bullet Messy Nessy with her '13 Things Found...'
bullet English Russia and Weird Russia
bullet Adam Elkus
bullet Follow Me Here
bullet The Zompist (Mark Rosenfelder)
bullet This is Colossal
bullet Everlasting Blört
bullet Matt Novak's Paleo Future
bullet Damn Interesting
bullet Flags of Russia


bullet James Vaughn's X-Ray Delta One
bullet Bored Panda
bullet In Focus at The Atlantic


bullet Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus
bullet Google Translation
bullet Urban Dictionary

bullet The Reference Desk
bullet Flags of the World, and the Flag Identifier
bullet Ask MetaFilter

Moteurs de recherche

bullet Colossus (international directory of search machines)
bullet iXquick MetaSearch
bullet Duck Duck Go
bullet Google advanced search


bullet Japan Today, Mainichi and the Yomiuri Shimbun
bullet Japan Today's Metropolis
bullet Japan Probe
bullet Random Wire
bullet Nippon.com
bullet cheapest fares?   ANA
bullet Rocket News
bullet Rafu Shimpo
bullet Design Made in Japan
bullet Spoon Tamago

bullet the Samba forum
bullet Sacramento Raceway Bug-o-Rama
    (Memorial and Labor Day weekends)
bullet J-Bugs
bullet Wolfsbürg West
bullet West Coast Metric

Music, Images, Comics, Radio

bullet The WebMuseum (famous paintings online)
bullet Cat and Girl
bullet Zen Pencils
bullet Joe Frank FAQ and wiki
bullet Maximumble
bullet Seed
bullet Comiques
bullet KFJC, Marketplace and Capital Public Radio (playlist)

On-Line Columnists and/or Journalists

bullet Scalzi's Whatever
bullet GK
bullet James Fallows
bullet Ask the Pilot
bullet current MT Void
bullet the Gus

Local Cinemas

bullet Century Laguna
bullet UA Laguna Village
bullet The Tower and the Crest, downtown
bullet Stanford Theatre (and Rick's commentary)

email portals

bullet Yahoo!
bullet GMail
bullet Sonic
bullet egusd -- attendance

my Libraries

bullet Sacramento
bullet Santa Clara County
bullet Sunnyvale (search)
bullet Mountain View (search)
bullet Palo Alto (search)
bullet Santa Clara City (search)
bullet San Jose
bullet San Mateo County
bullet San Francisco
bullet Link+
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