Halloween 2001

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year, at Kristin's 16th annual pumpkin carving party. Aren't they lovely?

Check out our pumpkins from other years!

Everyone agreed this trio of pumpkins was the coolest jack-o-lantern of the night...

... especially Zig-Zag, who was very pleased with Alison's pumpkin-based portrait of him.


Andy did this 3-eyed mutant pumpkin, and Kristin carved the stern fellow glaring down at Mr. 3-Eyes.

This profile pumpkin was carved by Dale.


It's not as clear from these pictures as it could be, but this pumpkin looked extra scary because he glowed red instead of orange. (Alison painted the inside with red dye to create this effect.)


These two were designed by Jana's kids, Conner and Cla. (Conner did the one on the right.)

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