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2001 BC: A Spam Oddesy Book Cover
  My first cartoons were published when I was in high school. For nearly six years, I drew a little comic strip for the "Byte of Data", the monthly newsletter sent out by Explorer Post 1275. This cartoon featured the Starship Enterprise as the main character, since drawing people is and has always been my greatest weakness as an artist. I mostly just cringe when I look at those old strips now... but some are actually both funny and well drawn, so I'm featuring the best 8 (out of 78) on this page, along with this cover art I did for the first printed archive.

#5 (Jan 1980): Strange output from the Main Computer

#33 (May 1982): Where No Man Has Gone Before

#44 (Mar 1983): Take her down as far as she'll go

#66 (Feb 1985) Studying a Nova

#68 (Apr 1985) 567 Spaceburgers...

#69 (May 1985) The Science Officer is Stumped

#74 (Oct 1985) Trick or Treating at Starbase 12

#78 (Apr 1986) The Final Episode

Copyright © 1979-1986, 2001 By Andrew Looney.

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