Stonehenge Hippie Festival

Stonehenge is a game system, akin to Icehouse pyramids and playing cards, which allows you to play numerous different games with the same set of pieces. The basic system includes a gameboard, a deck of cards, colorful tokens and discs and markers for 5 players, and a set of cool plastic Trilithons. (That's what they call those pairs of standing stones with a third one on top.) The basic set includes rules for 5 games designed by 5 world-famous game designers.

Stonehenge: Nocturne is an expansion set which includes pieces for 2 more players and rules for 4 new games designed to require both the core set and the added pieces.

Stonehenge Hippie Festival is one of the games included in Nocturne, and was designed by Andrew Looney at the request of the other designers on the Stonehenge project. In the game, the players are hippies attending a festival held on the grounds of Stonehenge. All around the Trilithons are vendors selling refreshments of six different types, and you move (and dance!) around the circle trying to collect either a whole lot of one kind of snack, or a complete set of snacks to take back to your friends. You can also win by hanging banners on the Trilithons. Such banners get taken down quickly by others, but if you can keep three flying at once, you win!

Stonehenge Hippie Festival was inspired by the Stonehenge Free Festivals, which started in 1972 but were halted by the British government in the mid-eighties. The turning point came on June 1, 1985, when cops beat up hundreds of New Age Travelers (hippie families living a nomadic lifestyle) in a notorious example of police brutality now known as The Battle of the Beanfield. However, this game takes place in a happier time, when the Hippies were (or will be) free to dance as they wish under the solstice moon at Stonehenge.

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