Pet-Names for Vegetables (and some other foods)

I seem to have gotten these from my mom. Maybe it was just her way of trying to get us to like vegetables -- I don't know. I like vegetables, but I don't think it had anything to do with this. My love of pet-names, on the other hand was probably quite influenced by these early examples.

green-beanlies (green beans)
bruggle-sprouts (brussels sprouts)
broccoloccoli (broccoli)
limbo beans (lima beans)
carrotoots (carrots)
peasles/peaslies (peas)

Since then, I have acquired many more pet-names for other foods, just from my own inclination to use lengthening nick-names, and some through Andy.

mash-potatees/mashies (mashed potatoes)
pastaloides (pasta)
tortelonies/torteloonies (tortelini)
frozen ravs/canned ravs (frozen ravioli/canned ravioli)
roteenie-weenie (rotini) and, by inference, robiggie-wiggies (bigger rotini)
actually, I've found that most roteenie are pretty biggie, and it's funnier, anyhow
woofie/toaster woofie (waffles/toaster waffles) (from Rash, apparently)
nanner (banana) (from a Snuffy Smith comic, apparently)
cokee-wa (Coke) see my information about the -wa phenomenon

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