Gustav said that the South wind was feminine
and the North wind, the Mistral, was masculine
He spoke of how the South wind scoops and the North wind cuts,

I love the South wind, you can tell it's there in the morning,
You look out the window and it looks grey,
Someone opens the door and it sounds nasty, all blustery out,
But when you go outside, it's not cold, just wet and full.

The Mistral fools you. It clears the sky, looks sunny out.
You think you should go outside and enjoy it,
But when you do, it bites you. The cold cuts into you.
even if it's not even very windy out.

The South wind is not a hot wind, it won't warm you up,
It's not cold, just unsunny. It doesn't cut, if anything seeps
a chill into you.

The other night when the South wind was strong, and you could hear it,
-- It seems like you can always hear it. It talks. It makes noise --
And you could hear it through the walls
-- two feet of stone,
I walked home afraid like I've never been before.
The sound of the wind, and the utter blackness of the clouds
blanketing the sky.

And I thought "Now I know where these old world superstitions
come from."

And I thought "It's a witching wind."

And I know if I just knew the right words, the right motions to make,
I could fly.
Walk on it's full wetness, swoop and touch the low clouds riding by.

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