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May 15, '03 -- Feb 12, '04


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This is the second bunch of Animelds, listed in approximate chronological order. These appeared between May 15, '03 and Jan 22, '04. Back to gallery 1

This animeld comes to you from the nutty brain of Mike Hamann. Looks like he's been hard at work collecting acorners...
James Casey, Rees Maxwell, and Doug Orleans all managed to independently come up with this creature. He looks like a beach ball -- ready to play at a very cold beach somewhere.
He looks so polite and umm... well groomed? Sean Lacey thought up this cute little guy.
These two are my favorite pair -- the similarity of the animals and the similarity of the objects makes these two Animelds an obvious set. This one was suggested by Doug Orleans.

Obviously the Vanatee, being the smaller animal, seats fewer people... Thanks to Darius Bacon for this relative (?) of last week's contribution.
I figured I'd go with the maritime theme here, although the scale is a bit off from the last two...
This classic suggested by Petra Mayer and Liza Graham. Inked directly from Petra's doodle, the lacy bits are my own addition.
She looks so comfortable in
this square box, doesn't she?
I did this one to go with
the Alemone above...


What I want to know is, does it use its turn signal? This animeld sent in by Leah Kanach.

You are what you eat?

  Okay, so there was some confusion last week (at least at my house) as to what this is. A cormorant is a sea-fishing bird that has been domesticated in some parts of the world, to catch fish for humans. A ring is attached around the bird's neck such that smaller fish are swallowed, while larger fish must be coughed up into the fisherman's boat. The implication here is that not only is it part corn-on-the-cob, but that it also appears to be swallowing a corn-on-the-cob. Hence, my original commentary up at the top. I just realized that Eric Haas also independently discovered this one. Sorry Eric!

First of a series of fantastical Animelds sent in by Diane Donaldson.
Another great suggestion from my good friend Petra.
Another one I was going to save for the holiday season, but I'm getting behind on drawings, and this guy goes with the alcoholic theme. Sent in by both Lux Lucre (aka Kerrry Pearson), and Rees Maxwell.

I think technically this falls in with the Battlesnake - not actually combined with the object, but just wielding it. This is why I didn't give it an asterisk. Note that this is totally my fault, for not drawing it the "right" way. Todd Sudbrink suggested the name, and this is the image that popped into my mind. I have no regrets about this depiction, despite the fact that it deprives the poor Whipmunk of it's right to an asterisk. I only wish I could have figured out a way to put fishnet stockings and 8" spike heels on it to complete the ensemble.
This invertebrate animeld courtesy of Leah Kanach. He/she/it's such a cutie! You have no idea how difficult it is to draw a pillow from the side... especially out of context on the back of a fish! Thanks to Alan Anderson for this probably not-very-comfy Animeld. Well, Xerox may have some words to say to me about this misuse of their brand-name, but I'll just direct them to Rich Potter when they want to sue. I guess this is what happens when animal cloning gets out of hand...
Diane Donaldson was concerned that fantastical animals were not getting their due in the animeld world. This joins the Corkatrice, her other excellent contribution to the collection. Also independently discovered by Kerin Schiesser. Yet another from Rees Maxwell. A resident of shorelines exclusively, I don't guess this guy goes anywhere fast.
Inspired by the trend in fantastical creatures, I offer this up to the Animeld-enjoying public. Doug Orleans contributes this rainy resident of the Animeld world. Even though this is a change of only one letter, I didn't give him an asterisk, because drizzly is really an adjective, and even drizzle is hard to do as an object.

Yes, folks, Rees Maxwell once again makes the cut. I swear I don't look up who sends them in -- I just pick one, then see who did it. I guess he's just got a knack for it (he's also really prolific). Looks like I decided to count a Butler as an object today. Hokay...
Singing in the dead of night, of course... (right, Rees?)

I don't know who's birthday it is today. It must be somebody's... Kristina Graham sends us this week's pleasant Animeld.

The one, the only (so far) Color Animeld. How could I resist color on this one? Thanks to Joe Neff for this suggestion! We here at Wunderland like this one... I guess if a Butler is an object then a Hippy can be one too...

Awwww, he's aww suoft and cooshy... Sorry for the baby talk. Makes me want to sew one up for my couch... Thanks to Mike Hamann for this one!
As we find ourselves in the Christmas season, the similarity of the Caribou to the Reindeer is particularly apt. I can't believe I managed to time a holiday Animeld right! Of course I'm writing this before Thanksgiving, so my timing is probably off anyhow... Eric Haas sent this in -- probably around last Christmas, at the rate these things move through the system!

Okay, here's the deal: I got several good suggestions for this animal, and also the dilema of whether to do the fantasical Salamander, or the real-life amphibian. So here's Carol Townsend's suggestion, done up as the regular salamander.
Here's a cute one from, and in memory of it's creator, Kerry Pearson, aka Lux Lucre. It's a two-letter change, but that's allowed, and it's gonna go so well with next week's... Thanks for everything, Lux!
By changing the other end of the word, Rees Maxwell gives us this close relative of last week's Animeld.
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