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Aug 22, '02 -- May 8, '03


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This is the first bunch of Animelds, listed in approximate chronological order. These appeared between Aug 22, '02 and May 8, '03.

The one that started it all...

A feline is more a type of animal, but I feel the rule still holds...
Yeah, that's all he has to say for himself (and me).
I'm probably not the first person to have thought of this combination, but I'm the first person I know to have told me about it...
The Mousetache doesn't follow any rules, but he was cute, and fit well next to all these other little guys. This was back in the days before I got so many suggestions I couldn't possibly use them all.
Let me just revise this to say that one never stops learning! For example, I've just now learned that piranha has only one R... and that the H is at the end.
Like the Mousetache, this one was just too good to pass up. Actually, this one is much much cooler than the mousetache.
We just had to do this one. This is when I came up with the "two letter change" allowance for the rule.   Ironically, I just realized that this is actually a THREE letter change. It's so easy to misspell hippopotamus as hippopotomus. In order to be a two letter change, it would have to be Hippopotatos or Hippopotatomus. This Animeld also independently suggested by Leah Kanach (and she spelled it right - actually suggested Hippopotatomus)!  

RhiNOSEros... Funny how rhino- means nose, isn't it...   

The Battlesnake doesn't get an asterisk although it is a single letter change, because I feel that a battle is not really an object, but acts more as adjective here - and the rattlesnake isn't really modified at all, it's just sort of decked out. (But he looks so cool...). This Animeld also independently suggested by Brian McCue.

I had such trouble drawing this. I had to find a picture of a baboon on the web as a reference. Also independently suggested by Doug Orleans.
This Animeld also independently suggested by Darius Bacon and Kerin Schiesser
I realized after looking closely that this is a simple two letter change a->o, and t->e.
There are those that feel this is too cutesy or unoriginal to be an Animeld, and it doesn't follow any particular rules, but hey... I drew it, so here it is. 
Gina suggested this one, I believe. This is another one that after looking at it more closely, I realized it was just a two-letter addition.
This Animeld also independently suggested by Paul German.
Suggested by Liam Bryan. I think its fluffy white shape would make it feel right at home in a flock of sheep...
This was suggested by (in order of appearance) James Casey, Lux Lucre (Kerry Pearson), Sean Lacey, Alan Anderson, and Darius Bacon. Five out of the first nine people to send me suggestions included this in their list, so, like it or not (and I do like it), I just had to do it. So, by popular demand, here it is...
This lovely denizen of the deep was suggested by Kerin Schiesser. This is obviously the British variety.

This was suggested by too many people to ignore, so here it is. From Brian McCue, Brett Myers, & Gina. 

This little (yes!) gem (?) is from Jesse Welton, of pinhole camera fame. (Jesse, not the Lockroach).       
Suggested by Rees Maxwell.
Another one I probably should have saved for the holiday season, but that would have been too long to wait
Now THAT is a pair-of-feet! Thanks again to Rees Maxwell.  
Rees Maxwell suggests this paradoxical creature. I like the way the cold-blooded turtle has been provided with a warm fur coat to insulate it...
Another winner from Mike Hamann. I guess I should've saved it for November, but what the heck, it fit so well next to the Platepus, and I like it!
I'm sorry, but I don't know what's in that pie... but I do think I'll keep my head down around one of these. Eeeek! Splat!

The Platepus is a natural! I don't know why I didn't think of it myself... Jesse Welton, Mike Hamann, and Adam Kopczensky did!

The somewhat dubious honor of coming up with the Buffaloo goes to one James Casey, who sent his own home-brewed illustration of same, but graciously allowed as how he wouldn't mind if I re-drew it in my own style. Much thanks James!

This one is definitely a winner in my book. The image just leapt out at me when Carol Townsend sent it to me. Sloths just have a natural drape to them!

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