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Dive Right In! The best way to learn Fluxx is to just start playing it. The rules of the game are printed right on the cards, so it's easy to pick it up as you go along.

To Get Started Immediately: Place the Basic Rules card in the center of the table, shuffle the deck, deal 3 cards to each player, and decide who goes first. Then just follow the Basic Rules, adapting to the New Rules as they appear, continuing until someone meets the most recently played Goal.

Turn Sequence: A turn consists of the following steps:
1) Draw the number of cards currently required.
2) Play the number of cards currently required.
3) Discard down to the current Hand Limit (if any).
4) Discard Keepers down to the current Keeper Limit (if any).


Basic Rules: This is the starting point, the foundation on which the rest of the game is built. These initial rules will be superseded by New Rules during the course of play, but this card should remain on the table at all times. The Basic Rules are: Draw 1 card per turn, and Play 1 card per turn (with no Hand or Keeper Limits).

New Rule: When a New Rule is played, place it face up near the Basic Rules. If it contradicts a New Rule already in play, discard that rule. New Rules take effect instantly, so all players must immediately follow the new rule as required. This will often cause the player whose turn it is to draw or play additional cards right away, or it may cause other players to immediately discard some of their cards or Keepers.

Goal: When a Goal is played, place it face up in the center of the table, discarding the previous Goal (if any). The game begins with no Goal in play, so no one can win until someone plays a Goal.

Keeper: To play a Keeper, take it out of your hand and place it on the table in front of you (face up, unless a rule says otherwise). Most of the Goals require you to have the right pair of Keepers, so playing a Keeper is always a good thing.

Action: Actions are used once and discarded. Just put the card in the Trash and do whatever it says. Note that while some Actions may cause additional cards to be played, everything that happens as a result of an Action card is considered part of one "play." It is also possible for an Action to have no effect on the game.

The Blank Card: The blank is not a wildcard. It is for you to create your own custom card with a permanent marker. (Extra blank cards are available at our website: www.wunderland.com/Fluxx)


The game continues until someone meets the conditions of the current Goal. That player wins immediately, regardless of whose turn it is.


If the deck runs out of cards, simply shuffle the discard pile and keep going.

A discard is not the same as a play. If a card is played, all instructions on that card must be followed, if possible. You cannot discard unless you are compelled to by a Hand Limit. (Yes, you could be forced to play a card that makes someone else win.)


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