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Running a Fluxx Tournament?

Interested in running a Fluxx tournament? If so, you'll need some guidelines. Below are the rules we used for the tournament we ran at Gen-Con '97. Feel free to adapt them to your situation as you see fit.

Fluxx Tournament Rules

Official games must have at least three players, with no more than seven in any one game.

Tournament matches are free-form. When you have enough players to start a tournament match, call one of the referees over and ask to have the game started. The referee will use a random method to determine who goes first.

The referee will also provide a victory token for the game, which will be placed in the center of the table. As soon as one person wins, that person collects the victory token. As soon as a player collects two victory tokens, that player advances to the next round of the tournament. As soon as someone gets two tokens, that player must stop playing, and wait with the other finalists, for the start of the next round.

After each game, players may choose different opponents for their next match, or they may play again with the same group.

During the first round, players who arrive late may jump into a game in progress. They will be dealt 3 cards and must then immediately comply with any rules on the table.

When someone drops out after a game with only 3 players, the remaining players will need to wait until another game ends and then shuffle players so as to keep the number of players in each game between 3 and 7.

The tournament will consist of the following phases:

1.) Preliminary Round: The first 18 people to get 2 victory tokens will advance to the Semi-Finals.

2.) Semi-Finals: The first 6 people to get 2 victory tokens will advance to the Finals.

3.) Finals: The finalists will play 6-person games of Fluxx until someone gets 2 victory tokens. That player wins the tournament.

If there are enough people wishing to participate to warrant it, there will also be a qualifying round. During the qualifying round, only 1 victory token will be needed in order to advance, and half of the total participants will be eliminated.

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