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I love Amsterdam. It's my favorite city in all the world. As an activist for the legalization of marijuana, I regard Amsterdam as an outpost of sanity in a world gone mad. I wish I could live there. But Amsterdam has much more than just the cannabis coffeeshops... it's a beautiful city with a rich history, full of art and culture, laced with canals, over-run with bicycles, and populated by interesting, forward-thinking people. I heartily urge everyone to take a vacation there, pot-smokers in particular. It is truly a mind-opening experence to visit a society where marijuana-smoking is accepted as normal. It's like visiting the Future.

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How To Visit The Future

I believe that legalization of marijuana is both correct and inevitable. Sooner or later, sanity will prevail and the war on drugs will end, just as the prohibition of alcohol was stopped in 1933. In the Future, marijuana cigarettes will legally be sold by legitimate tax-paying businesses, just as alcohol and tobacco are now. It is just a matter of time.

The Future is now in a country in Europe known both as the Netherlands and as Holland, whose people we call the Dutch. In the beautiful city of Amsterdam, there are hundreds of little "coffee shops" in which the sale and consumption of marijuana are legally tolerated. Just like bars that sell liquor, children are not allowed, and each one has its own unique culture and regular clientele.

A visit to Amsterdam, therefore, is like a time travel journey into the Future. If you enjoy toking weed, you will never forget the experience of visiting a society where you are treated as an ordinary consumer instead of as a criminal. Just as Jews in America dream of visiting Israel at least once, every American stoner should make a pilgrimage to the marijuana mecca of the world.

Do it. Visit the Future. Go to Amsterdam. The trip itself will change your perspective even more than the cannabis you'll legally enjoy while you're there. The Future is just an airplane ride away...

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