3 Icehouse Games for 3 Treehouse Sets

3HOUSE is a little 28 page glossy booklet with rules for three games you can play with the pyramids in three Treehouse sets:

Black ICE Martian Chess Binary Homeworlds
In this game, the players are computer hackers trying to break into a secure system. To gain access, you need a three-color password. The secret codes are changed frequently, by the system's ICE (Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics). If you try to use the wrong password, the Black ICE will shut you down. Make sure you have the correct colors programmed in before you try to break the code! In Martian Chess, color means nothing. Instead, location dictates which pieces you may move. As in Chess, each type of piece has its own way of moving, and you capture by entering an opponent piece's square. However, you can move only the pieces sitting in your sixteen-square section of the board, and you can attack only those pieces in other sections. Thus, a piece changes sides after it attacks. The game ends when one player has no pieces left. Homeworlds is an epic space opera in which the players each control an interstellar space fleet. It's all done with what appear to be random clusters of small pyramids arranged upon the table. Each player begins with one star system: the Homeworld. Each will then build a fleet of ships and expand to colonize other star systems, spreading out across the galaxy until one side conquers the other by capturing (or destroying) the enemy Homeworld.

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