Thursday October 23, 1997

Two weeks ago, when I was sweeping out the cobwebs in my brain, I noticed that in the Library of Opinion, I'd made mention of a little pamphlet called "Things that Bother Me," something I'd started writing once but never finished. So, I dug it out and worked on it some more and it's new this week. Of particular note is the section in which I give my views on the recent brouhaha in the game industry over the M:TG patent.

More importantly, the rules for the last couple of icehouse games, Arcana and Focus, are now available on the web. If you've got a set of Icehouse pieces and you've never played Arcana, you owe it to yourself to dig into the rules and learn how to play.

Other new things this week:

Finally, chapter 4 of the Empty City is now available.

Love, Peace, and Chocolate,