May 7, 1998

This week I've put up 2 new stories that are of an autobiographical nature. The first is something I wrote a decade ago about what my life was like a decade before that, when I was growing up and learning how to be cool from my older brother Rash. It's called When I Was a Little Guy. It's just as I wrote it in 1987, but with some accompanying graphics I dug up.

The other story is something I just wrote, called The Fictional Andy Looney, in which I tell just a little of the history of my rise to power as Emperor of the Universe, along with other aspects of my schizophernia.

Furthermore, I've been adding pictures and more commentary to the recipes in my on-line cookbook, Cooking with the Emperor.

Over the weekend, we went to visit my brother Jeff and his family and we bought a set of 18 square gym lockers at this enormous permanent flea market. While shopping, I got to carry my goddaughter around in a baby backpack not unlike the one I used while touring the New York World's Fair in 1965. Which made me wonder... why haven't these caught on more during the past 33 years? Except for the occassional jab in the kidney or grab at the hair, carrying Sharon around was so easy I sometimes forgot there was a child in my backpack. Seems so much better than a stroller to me... yet that's all I ever see people using.

In other news, Number 12 just got engaged! Not only that, he also found time to add a new story and poem to his E-Book "Waiting For The Dawn". Also, the John and Gina Show is being relocated to the Wunderland server, with a new index, new poems, and new colorful backgrounds. It's being mirrored in its old home too though, so don't worry about fixing your bookmarks just yet. (I haven't.) Lastly, there's the usual new chapter of the Empty City, along with the next to last short story in My Secret World.

Until next week,

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