And so it is that at long last The Flying Eyes make their Web debut.

For those who've dropped in before, you may recall that when I started these pages I was on a mission to find the book pictured at left. All I had of it then was a postcard of the cover. I had become transfixed by the cover art, by the name, by the notion of The Flying Eyes. Soon it became my quest to find the source of the postcard. I began to fall into spells in which I would see myself holding the book, carrying it to my favorite chair, and delicately sliding a finger beneath the cover to gaze at the terror inside.

So I expressed my plea here, and the answer came: Go to Bibliofind. And I did. And They were there. And now We are together at last. And I have found Them to be gigantic and brilliant. And now I will share Them with you.


Blowup of the cover art

Selected text

My Flying Eye experiences




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