Tirade's Choice: Cool sites of 1999

 12/30/99  The Obscure Store
 12/23/99  Lines of Action
 12/16/99  Demotivators
 12/9/99  GettingIt
 12/2/99  The World's Most Difficult Bible Quiz
 11/25/99  Jitterbug Fantasia
 11/18/99  I can eat glass, it doesn't hurt me
 11/11/99  Enter to Win a Trip to Outer Space!
 11/4/99  The Board Gamesbook
 10/28/99  Draft Gary Johnson for President
 10/21/99  Work Well With Others
 10/14/99  Have you ever wanted to be someone else?
 10/7/99  Pictures Found on the Street
 9/30/99  Weird But True
 9/23/99  Rocket Cards!
 9/16/99  In-A-Gadda-Da-Oswald
 9/9/99  Keep the Metro Open Later!
 9/2/99  Orange Cones
 8/26/99  Weird Band Names
 8/19/99  The Rubik's Cube Solving Robot
 8/12/99  Visual Personality Test
 8/5/99  I Skip
 7/29/99  The Incomplete History of Art
 7/22/99  Dharma & Greg Vanity Cards
 The Earthling's Handbook
 7/8/99  Memepool's Games Archive
 7/1/99  The Editing Room
 6/24/99  Find a Grave
 6/17/99  The Dialectizer
 6/10/99  The Gallery of Regrettable Food
 6/3/99  The Honda Humanoid Robot
 5/27/99  Googie Architecture
 5/20/99  tiny zine
 5/13/99  The Orphanage of Cast-Off Mascots
 5/6/99  Infiltration: The zine about going places you're not supposed to go
 4/29/99  Stop The War Now!
 4/22/99  Robot Wisdom
 4/15/99  The list of words (in english) that aren't dot-commed yet
 4/8/99  The Trial of Peter McWilliams
 4/1/99  Peep Research
 3/25/99  With Psychic Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
 3/18/99  Balloon art - Japanese style
 3/11/99  The Race for the Superbomb Nuclear Blast Mapper
 3/4/99  Braces in Action: Steve's ToothCam Time-Lapse Movie
 2/25/99  Defend Your Privacy!
 2/18/99  Rules for Evil Overlords
 2/11/99  Another Wunderland (a chain of video arcades)
 2/4/99  Brassmonkey
 1/28/99  The Space Age Pop Standards page
 1/21/99  Cat Scan Contest
 1/14/99  The Drug Peace Campaign
 1/7/99  kids' Christmas party

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