Tirade's Choice: Cool sites of 2002

12/19/2 Technical Difficulties
12/12/2 Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
12/5/2 Rooting Out Evil
11/28/2 Industorious Clock
11/21/2 The Free State Project
11/14/2 Codex Seraphinianus: Some Observations
11/7/2 What Will Be Revealed on March 8, 2003?
10/31/2 Kinetic Sculpture
10/24/2 Eric Myer's Stereotypes
10/17/2 The Generosity Game
10/10/2 True Majority
10/3/2 Creepy Agency Casts Evil Eye on Planet Earth
9/26/2 The Real Mach 5
9/19/2 Stepford Citizen Syndrome: Top 10 Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed
9/12/2 Unanswered Questions
9/5/2 No War on Iraq
8/22/2 I was a Teenage Ghost of Elvis's UFO Baby on a Hot Dog Diet:
Enquiring Minds Want to Know
8/15/2 The Memory Hole
8/1/2 Art Cars
7/25/2 The Time Travel Fund
7/18/2 How to Talk Like a Pirate
7/11/2  Lots of Long Hair Braided Together
6/27/2 Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
6/20/2 The DC Medical Marijuana Initiative
6/13/2 Building a Life-size Millennium Falcon
6/6/2 Unamerican Activities
5/30/2 Quiet American
5/23/2 The Practical Hippie
5/16/2 Christians for Cannabis
5/9/2 The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports
5/2/2 The Flo Control Project
4/25/2 Orisinal Games
4/18/2 Mayberry in Star Trek
4/11/2 AltaVista searches: then and now
4/4/2 Lost in Translation
3/28/2 Weird Fortunes
3/14/2 Tugboat
3/7/2 They Fight Crime!
2/28/2 Change the Climate
2/21/2 What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?
2/7/2 Super Bowl Ad Out of Bounds
1/31/2 I See Lowbrow People
1/24/2 How to build yourself a One Atmosphere Plasmoid
1/17/2 The International Time Capsule Society
1/10/2 Overflite UFO Fire Balloons
1/3/2 The Stupid Store

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