Daddy-O's 1998 Movie Reviews


Dazed and Confused
This rental from 1993 is set on the last day of school in 1976. But for some reason it features a lot of hazing of freshman by seniors. Isn't that supposed to happen on the first day of school, rather than at the end of the year?

Star Trek: Insurrection
It seems like this film wanted to carry a powerful message about something: something perhaps about cosmetic surgery, or about our search for a miracle cure-all (and our willingness to destroy the environment to get it)... or perhaps about the holocaust or slavery or the way we stole this country from the Indians... or even just about hippie communes and the over-technologization of society. But if there was a message here, it was lost in the garbled mish-mash of pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo and dazzling special effects that weren't distracting enough to hide plot holes big enough to drive a starship through. Perhaps they should have called it "Star Trek 9: Stick a fork in us, we're done."

This rental from '96 reminded me of the Empty City, both in the struggle of the main character and in the shifted-slightly out-of-reality setting.

Kiki's Delivery Service
As with "The Rocketeer", the problem with any movie that features a zeppelin is that you know it's just going to get destroyed in the end.

If you liked the Twilight Zone episode entitled "A World of Difference" (AKA "Cut!"), you'll love Pleasantville; it's the same story, but in reverse.

Practical Magic
This tale about 3 generations of sister-witches is a treat for long hair fans: they all have marvelous hair.

Why DID that old bug leave Insectopia?



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