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small yellow square Early this morning I checked Tower Records (their sale covers only a few labels) and the comic shop (only one title of interest, the "Too Much Coffee Man" compilation, his "Guide For The Perplexed" - not new, but the first time I held it in my hand - finally I got to see the half-sized mini-comic stories). Up to Los Altos for my free lunch at Koo Koo Roo; I turned in my card with its row of punches earned during my previous visits; now I won't be exposed to their relentless cheer so often. Over to the library where I copied the April 1997 Journaling article, then into work to use Visio and Photoshop. Unexpectedly, my co-worker/supervisor showed up. Busted! "What are you doing here?"
"I, er, um - just playing with graphics. What are you doing here?"
"Uh...looking up a phone number"
I have no worries about this encounter.

small violet square When I left I drove over to Sunnyvale for the car-owner's chore: new rubber. The unpleasantness of waiting around was minimal. I got tires a little wider than previously, and felt a smidgen of improvement driving.

small gray square To top off this Day of Shopping I ducked in to the new Sunnyvale Fry's, just opened, and a vast space it is. No obvious theme <1>, unlike the others, except perhaps "class" - there's marble floors! A Yamaha Synclavier <2> was playing away, endlessly - as I left I believe its music was the air George C. Scott's friend the Duchess played on the Hindenburg's grand piano. Scattered about the wide aisles, in typical Fry's fashion, are skids of unshelved stock - big cubes of cases of Coke, boxes of paper, etc. I went in looking for mini-disk players but couldn't find them. This branch is so huge they have room to sell large appliances, office supplies and general (not just technical) books. There's even a central restaurant with these bold expressions etched in stone overhead: "LOCAL CAUSALITY" and "SAVE THE GALAXY". Read more about the company in this recent Salon article. Driving home on the Central Expressway I caught last year's view <3> of the evening clouds spilling over the mountains, this time in sunset's glow.

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small blue square Since New Yorkers use the incorrect preposition to describe queuing up (they stand "on" line) I'm wondering if they dislexically mix up their preposition usage in regards to cyberspace - when web-browsing, do they refer to being "in-line"?

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<2>This is the player-grand piano which uses actual performances recorded onto special CDs (rather than rolls). Back

<3>When I first arrived this stretch of road was part of my commute Back .