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small blue square Monday night, and it's raining in Northern coastal California. I've just returned from a usual bowl of nourishment at Tung Kee Noodle; the initial plan was for the Sushi House in Palo Alto but when I got there it was moderately crowded, plus the radio's usual Smooth Jazz had been adjusted to an oldies station. Not that I mind oldies <1>; the distraction is the annoying over-talkative DJs and hyper advertisements which go with that territory. Anyway, I'd had sushi the day before, so I spent what I would have instead on necessities at the drug store and a gift for my Dad's upcoming birthday. Perhaps tomorrow for the Sushi House - I really like it, their price is right plus they make the best yakitori! Their ambience is kind of unusual - its rear wall is right up against the CalTrain tracks so periodically one can't help but hear the train hurtling past - reminds me of a little restaurant I knew, when I was in Stuttgart on business in the summer of '96. The Hotel Fontana (in Vaihingen, the little town next to the Patch Barracks) was adjacent to a big S-Bahn station, which had a little bistro right next to the tracks. Up in my room all was silence, but the rail-sounds were inescapable down in that little bar/restaurant, where I enjoyed a pleasant meal or two, nevertheless.

small gray square Today my foot-pains were marginally less excruciating - progress is being made, healing is occurring!

S-Bahn - commuter rail system in Germany, always above ground except maybe some underground action in the center city - distinct from the U-Bahn, which is always underground (and usually a little more modern)

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<1>Well, I do, actually; in the context of an a Japanese restaurant, where I'd prefer something tinkly & oriental. One can understand how the staff must get bloody sick of that stuff after a while, however. The other extreme I once endured at Sushi Boy in Redondo Beach, where they began playing rap 'music'! I had to ask them why, what in the world was the attraction; they seemed unable to comprehend my question. Back