The Winston Science Fiction Series

Alphabetical listing of all the books, with publication date. Checkboxes indicate my current holdings. Links are to dustjacket images. More information about 'Winstons' from Steve Chaplin, and the Wikipedia has an entry on Winston Science Fiction.

The Ant Men by Eric North (1955)
Attack From Atlantis by Lester Del Rey (1953)
Battle On Mercury by Erik Van Lhin (1953)
Danger: Dinosaurs! by Richard Marsten (1953)
Earthbound by Milton Lesser (1952)
Find The Feathered Serpent by Evan Hunter (1952)
Five Against Venus by Philip Latham (1952)
Islands In The Sky by Arthur C. Clarke (1952)
The Lost Planet by Paul Dallas (1956)
Marooned On Mars by Lester Del Rey (1952)
Missing Men Of Saturn by Philip Latham (1953)
Mission To The Moon by Lester Del Rey (1956)
Mists Of Dawn by Chad Oliver (1952)
Moon Of Mutiny by Lester Del Rey (1961)
The Mysterious Planet by Kenneth Wright (1953)
Mystery Of The Third Mine by Robert W. Lowndes (1953)
Planet Of Light by Raymond F. Jones (1953)
Rocket Jockey by Philip St. John (1952)
Rocket To Luna by Richard Marsten (1953)
Rockets To Nowhere by Philip St. John (1954)
Rockets Through Space by Lester Del Rey (1957)
The Secret Of The Ninth Planet by Donald A. Wollheim (1959) at Project Gutenberg
The Secret Of Saturn's Rings by Donald A. Wollheim (1954)
Secret Of The Martian Moons by Donald A. Wollheim (1955)
Son Of The Stars by Raymond F. Jones (1952)
Sons Of The Ocean Deeps by Bryce Walton (1952)
Spacemen, Go Home by Milton Lesser (1961)
Stadium Beyond The Stars by Milton Lesser (1960)
The Star Conquerors by Ben Bova (1959)
The Star Seekers by Milton Lesser (1953)
Step To The Stars by Lester Del Rey (1954)
Trouble On Titan by Alan E. Nourse (1954)
Vandals Of The Void by Jack Vance (1953)
Vault Of The Ages by Poul Anderson (1952)
The World At Bay by Paul Capon (1954)
The Year After Tomorrow edited by Lester Del Rey, Carl Carmer & Cecile Matschat (1954) contents
The Year When Stardust Fell by Raymond F. Jones (1958)
This series was also published in England, by Hutchinson, with different illustrations. Examples: their Earthbound, Step to the Stars, and Trouble on Titan covers; plus the British Endpapers.


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