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The Mancini House

This is my favorite residence in Old Mountain View. It's right around the corner from where I'm living now... Didn't know anything about it when this project began, but online research turned up this blurb from a neighborhood association's newsletter (scroll down):
The Mancini house was built in 1950 as the dream home of Ugo Mancini, an Italian immigrant who is remembered for his car dealership on El Camino Real. Mancini designed the house with many unique features including Italian murals, a shrine to the Virgin Mary, a 200 year old Italian marble fireplace, and rooftop pigeon coops. When the house was completed Mancini allowed residents to tour it for 50¢, which was a donation that went to the Boy Scouts of America, and to Italy where he built a shelter for children who had been abandoned or had lost their parents. Although quite young compared to other neighborhood homes, the Mancini House offers a glimpse of what Mountain View residents thought was futuristic over half a century ago.
More information about Ugo Mancini in a Mountain View Voice article.

Note the curved block used in the wall -- seems quite unusual to me. And in the picture below, you can see the beautiful stone set into the exterior, like that decoration above the window.
Several months after first posting this page, a friend was invited to a party here, and took me along, so I finally got to see the inside. At the time, the place was rented to a group of young people. This photo shows me in the basement.

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