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Welcome to my MIDI links. The purpose of this page is to present for your entertainment a way to listen to my favorite music on your computer. These are some of my favorite songs and groups, and the best renditions of them I've found so far on the Net. Just click on one of the song links below to play the song. A MIDI file will download and if all goes well, you should get a separate window with a control panel; the song should start automatically. Links to the index pages for the sites which are serving the files are also provided so that you can get more information. As will become apparent, Number 12's MIDI links consists of *links* to the midi files I've found while surfing around; this is more convenient for me than serving them directly, and a little bit less dangerous from a legal standpoint! Have questions about MIDI? See my why and how page.

Number 12's MIDI links consists of this intro section, a "What's New" section allowing you to jump to the latest added links (use "Back" to get back to "What's New" after you jump), a Table of Contents to the system of organization of my links (mostly by group), and the midi links themselves. Thanks to the one request I've received so far (mail me!), I've started a new page of midi links. It's called Cora's MIDI links. For those of you who know my sister, and maybe even know something about what she likes should check it out. Right now, it only has files that I've found (it is actually a page FOR Cora), but maybe we will someday acquire a few links from the master herself.

One last word. I strongly recommend that you use headphones if you want to actually enjoy these midis (assuming that you possess a sound card or similarly non-primitive sound capability). I have consistently found that the best parts of these files are the baselines, or other little sound-effects things that are in the background. This is where the creativity of the anonymous fans who made them really shines through, but it would be lost going through a little 2'' speaker battling the hiss of a cooling fan. Of course, if you have a sound card that's so bad that you can't stand to listen with phones, that's another thing, but then there's no hope anyhow.




What's New on this page:

I've been getting into "alternative" midis recently, which has put me in the situation of looking on the web for midis of songs that are only a few months old. But, I found them... Check the three new midis in the Miscellaneous section; "All Star", "Allison Road", and "Found Out About You".

Found replacements for some of my Pet Shop Boys links. Also found a new one, "Being Boring"! There are still a few I have to restore, but dawn is breaking over PSB-land finally.

Table Of Contents, MIDI Links

  1. Kraftwerk
  2. Totoro
  3. Pet Shop Boys
  4. Howard Jones
  5. Lame Links to Great Songs (miscallany)

The MIDI Links

Song Site Found In Comments Date Added
Computer World MidManiac - his site is currently down. Pretty true to original 2/25/98
Computer World 2 the Resonance Underground Another [LIVE] mix 6/15/98
Pocket Calculator the Resonance Underground [LIVE Mix] 6/15/98
Computer Love MidManiac - his site is currently down. A techno mix, different from original but very good 2/25/98
Tour De France the Resonance Underground pretty true to original 6/15/98
Tour De France MidManiac - his site is currently down A bitchin' version, a little ambitious sound-wise though 2/25/98
The Model Now from the Resonance Underground Very Accurate! 6/15/98
Autobahn Richard, a websurfer much like myself A great interpretation of this classic piece. However, this file appears to have been widely distributed with a bug near the end; the music will cut off early. This file has been cleaned up a little so that it does not end on a hanging tone. 6/15/98

Song Site Found In Comments Date Added
Intro The On-line Anime MIDI Server - so many amazing anime midis! Remarkably accurate 2/25/98
Ending song The On-line Anime MIDI Server - so many amazing anime midis! Remarkably accurate 2/25/98

Pet Shop Boys! Long and dedicated searching of the Net has turned up the best quality midis of my favorite songs by the PSB. There may yet be a few I haven't found yet (anybody got a version of "Being Boring?"), but I'm beginning to recognize all of the same ones over and over, probably from the newsgroups. Update: 10/14/99; got new links for my old favorites. While searching this time, I encountered HUGE web pages devoted to PSB midis-- a big difference from a year ago. I guess somebody's lawyers are asleep; enjoy them while you can!
Song Site Found In Comments Date Added
Always On My Mind MidiFarm. I was astounded by the sheer numbers of PSB midis contained here. I imagine the sections for other artists are equally impressive I consider this to be the bitchingest sequence for this song to be found. updated 10/21/99
Rent Nice Who's page A very nice version. 5/27/98
Opportunities also from MidiFarm, the same sequence I've seen credited to ETHER, whose web page has since vanished. Truly a great PSB song, this sequence has grown on me since I first found it. updated 10/21/99
Suburbia also from Midi Farm The only bearable midi of Suburbia out there. I've become rather attached to it. Originally seen credited to ETHER updated 10/14/99
Being Boring MIDI Mania, Part of the (potentially evil) "Go" network? I can't believe I finally found a midi for Being Boring. Sounds good too. 10/14/99

Howard Jones! Similarly, Howard Jones midis are almost nonexistent on the net, probably due to copyright enforcement (oh ack!). Some fans out there are keeping some files alive, however, and for as long as they're available, here is what I've found.
Song Site Found In Comments Date Added
New Song A nice miscellaneous page. This file is available everywhere; must have something to do with being "released". A seamless sequence. 2/25/98
Things Can Only Get Better I lost the info on where I found this one! It's being served from a stealth site from South Africa. Yum! As good as New Song, above. 5/27/98
Life In One Day Rudely linked to from a really great fan page. Christine, please forgive me! Readers, check out her site! A sparse but enjoyable rendition. 5/27/98
No One Is To Blame - Howard Jones From Key West, one of the powerhouses of midi files A little slow, but a brave effort nonetheless. 5/27/98

Lame Links to Great Songs. I homed in on a lot of these because I really liked the song or artist. Unfortunately, there's that big problem to overcome with doing midis of basically lyrical music. Rock 'n Roll doesn't seem to translate as well as music that was originally electronic. These midis were often ones I found hard to listen to at first, but it was just so much fun to hear the song. Over many listens, however, I've come to really appreciate the fine sequencing in these best-of-the-lame.
Song Site Found In Comments Date Added
In The Meantime - Spacehog pv's Music Links. Found him on the Ring Sounds Great on my machine. I have no idea what the song is about, but the radio version had that british phone sound. 2/25/98
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears Mikael Bonnier's Play List. Mike's fantasy radio program, rendered as a web page with MIDI files. He still needs a bunch, and interesting choices, too. Send him some if you have them. Maybe you're sick of this song, I don't know, but I still think it's great. updated 10/14/99
Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Mutant Version Nice Who's page My current favorite collection of midis I've been trying to figure out why this arrangement is so compelling; is it supposed to be droning and weird or is it just the background music with no lyrics part?. 4/1/98
Big Bottoms - Spinal Tap Nice Who's page Proof that you can find anything on the Net. 4/1/98
Moments In Love - Art Of Noise Nice Who's page This is a truly amazing rendition of this song. It's kind of Anime-like, with emotive piano and sax parts, and it's eerily calming. 4/1/98
Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles from "Larry's Favorite Links" So much better than the Presidents' version. 5/27/98
Popcorn - Hot Butter from "Larry's Favorite Links" An early electronic music classic. It was made to be played through a 2" speaker! 5/27/98
Land Down Under - Men At Work from Midifiles/Midphiles This one's subtle, but surprisingly well done. 5/27/98
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult from Bennie's Midi Page... Strong classic rock I'm liking this one more and more. It is pretty rich in arrangement, and FULL LENGTH! 5/27/98
Back on the Chain Gang - Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders from MidiMight... Expansive collection, gigantic Beatles page Chrissie Rules!!! (not a whole lot of good midis out there, though) 5/27/98
AllStar -- The latest from Smashmouth from MIDI 2000, your source for the absolute newest MIDIs to be found on the web. Amazing, and generally all good quality files. Not only is this song horribly overplayed on the radio, it's already sold out for a Gatorade commercial. Yet, I was intrigued by its lyrics, went searching, and am quite impressed with this rendition of the song. 9/30/99
Allison Road from Midi Com (H.K.) A single-page collection of about a thousand MIDIs, all beautifully organized by artist, and tending towards the "alternative". Has a really complete Gin Blossoms section. This sequence is really good! I like this song, and felt that the sequence did the song justice, as well as really getting something out of my sound card. Also check out "Found Out About You" on the same page. 9/30/99

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