Halloween 2004

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year, at Kristin's 19th annual pumpkin carving party. Aren't they lovely?

Check out our pumpkins from other years!

Petra created this lovely fish pumpkin...

...while this abstract beauty was done by Janet.


Alison did this big-mouthed Jack-o-lantern...


...while Andy did this angular fellow.


Renee did this dude...


...while this guy is by Gina.


The three on the left were done by #12 and his wife Lisa. They had to leave before all the pumpkins were done, which is why these 3 are not seen in the group shot at the top.

To fully appreciate Lisa's pumpkin, you need to see more of it, so here you go...

Gina carved a cyclops...

...while Alison created a mummy.


The Strong Bad pumpkin behind Gina's cyclops was carved by Kevin Hollenbeck.

The guy behind the mummy on the left is actually a watermelon and it was carved by Alison. Here's another look at him:

These 4 were done by Rich and Izolda. To the right is another view of that one in the upper right hand corner, since she's being blocked by that other guy's stem.


... while this skull was done by Liza.

This is my favorite photo of the bunch, featuring Petra's fish and Janet's asbtraction.


Did you see the pumpkins we did before?

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