Hi. I'm Dan Efran. I'm a film student, a computer programmer, and a finalist in several Icehouse tournaments. For more information about me, check out my new home page, The Martian Embassy.

Better yet: actions speak louder than words, right? So visit the web site that 'Becca Stallings and I edit:

The Earthling's Handbook is a guide to the not-so-obvious truths that we feel the enlightened citizen of the planet Earth really ought to know, but that you probably didn't learn in school.

Now, since you're surfing wunderland.com, you probably have a clue. But if you want to make sure (or if someone you know could use a few hints) check out The Earthling's Handbook. It's still far from comprehensive, but it's growing. We expect to add at least one new article each month. I think the Handbook is already a valuable online reference to some important topics too complex to explain over and over at cocktail parties and at the proverbial water cooler.

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